Sarah Flynn "Do-Something Democrat" Award

The D30 Board is now accepting nominations for the

Sarah Flynn "Do-Something Democrat" Award

The Sarah Flynn "Do-Something Democrat" Award was created to honor Sarah Flynn for her tireless commitment to Democrats and getting them elected. She has always gone above and beyond the call of duty in service to the Party and Democratic campaigns.


To be awarded at the District 30 Democratic Club's 10th Anniversary Fundraiser on September 20th.  

 Nominees should meet the following criteria:

      1. Member of the D30 Club
      2. Repeatedly demonstrates the willingness and spontaneity to volunteer for Dem 30 activities, either for the Club itself or for the candidates 
      3. Demonstrates creativity in promoting policy issues as well as fundraising
      4. Demonstrates resilience and courage in the face of opposition
      5. Exemplifies the qualities of a “Do-Something Democrat”

 Please submit nominations - with a brief description of the qualities of the nominee - to Anne Klase ([email protected]) by September 1st