Mayor Gavin Buckley

Gavin was born in Australia where he was raised by a single mother. He worked his way across the world after leaving school, dropping anchor in Spa Creek in 1992 with only $200 in his pocket. He fell in love with Annapolis for its unique blend of history, maritime culture and small-town friendliness. He fell in love again when he met future wife, Annapolis local Julie Williams. Together they are now raising two children, Dash & Miles.

From his first job as a server at Middleton Tavern, Gavin showed the vision and entrepreneurial spirit for which he is so well known. He quickly learned the basics of business, raised capital, and navigated bureaucracy to open Annapolis' first coffee shop, The Moon.

In time, Gavin began to see potential in West Street – then considered the “wrong part of town”, where drug deals and prostitution were common. He opened pan-Asian restaurant Tsunami and a diverse group of residents, passionate about their community, responded to his vision. Tsunami soon became “the place" to be and its success encouraged Gavin to establish new restaurants including Lemongrass, Metropolitan, and Sailor Oyster Bar.

Gavin is committed to preserving the historic character of Annapolis with leadership and vision to ensure it remains a dynamic, living city. This is why he challenged and defeated the City’s plan to demolish 100-year-old homes on West Street to make way for an 800-car garage. This area is now the West Village Precinct – a flourishing hub for local businesses, residents, and visitors.

Gavin knows that community connections are at the heart of West Street’s transformation. As Mayor he will bring together business owners, community leaders, and residents to develop innovative ideas and economic opportunities for Main Street, Maryland Ave, West Annapolis and all parts of the city. These include 21st century transit solutions, a more transparent development process, strong community policing, and greater focus on the needs of the local community.

Gavin Buckley is not a career politician but a resident, businessman, and father raising young children. He is committed to our shared community and our shared future. His vision is for a vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive Annapolis with infrastructure, services, and events that make it a wonderful place to work and live for all.


City Hall
160 Duke of Gloucester Street
Annapolis, MD 21401
(410) 263-7997
[email protected]