Thank you, District 30 Democrats!



Over one hundred D30 Club members gathered Sunday to help celebrate a decade of being Do-Something Democrats at the Club’s 10-year anniversary fundraiser! We also awarded the first “Sarah Flynn Do-Something Democrat” award to the incredibly hardworking and passionate Gail Smith. Congratulations, Gail!

Thank you to the D30 Board and volunteers for planning and executing, our hosts, Senator John Astle, Speaker Mike Busch, and Gavin Buckley, the dozens of sponsors, and Congressman John Sarbanes and Congressman Chris Van Hollen for attending! Because of the generous support, the Club exceeded its fundraising goal! The 2016 primary election is just around the corner and the D30 Club will continue our work to elect Democrats by reaching out to newly registered Dems, connecting Annapolis residents with candidates and vice versa, and building a stronger, more inclusive Party! Stay tuned for details on each of these initiatives. #BeADoSomethingDemocrat

A few pictures from Sunday's event: 



You can view more pictures of the event on the D30 Facebook Page here


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Please note that the D30 Club will not hold a September meeting. 
See you on October 28th if not sooner!

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