Straight out of the GOP playbook

Do-Something Democrats,

Here in blue Maryland, our local Republican elected officials are taking a page from the national GOP playbook: 

County Executive Steve Schuh has applied to the 287(g) federal program to train local law enforcement officers to act as federal immigration agents.
Governor Larry Hogan refuses to stand up to Trump's irresponsible health insurance plan and has nominated an anti-abortion activist from Trump's "pro-life advisory council" to serve on the Maryland Board of Physicians.
We need your help now more than ever to elect Democrats in 2017 and 2018!
We hope you can join us for D30's March 22nd Membership meeting to discuss the forthcoming 2016 post-election report and strategize for how we can help elect Democrats in 2017 and 2018. As it is also our Annual Meeting, four Board members will be retiring, new Officers and Board members will be up for election, and an amendment to the bylaws to expand the size of the Board will be presented. The D30 Nominating Committee, consisting of Michael G. Miller, Lyn Farrow, and Steve Harrison, present their report to the D30 Membership here.

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Annapolis and Anne Arundel County are poised to go blue in 2017 and 2018! 

Last Saturday we trained over 60 candidates, campaign staff, and volunteers from 8am to 5pm in field, fundraising, digital, and much, much more. Thank you to the incredibly energized trainees, talented trainers, and the amazing volunteers from the Anne Arundel County Democratic PartyAnnapolis Democratic Central Committee, and District 30 Democratic Club - Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Special thanks to the staff at the Maryland State Education Association for donating the venue and making the day possible and Speaker Busch and Congressman Sarbanes for sharing wisdom and words of inspiration! 

Upcoming Events

The District 30 Club does not endorse in primaries. As part of our effort to foster a strong connection between Club membership and Democratic campaigns, we will provide event information from all Democratic campaigns that share info with the Club.

March 16th
33rd District Democratic Club March 16th Meeting

March 16th
Climate Stewards of Greater Annapolis: Adaptation to Climate Change panel discussion

March 17th
Almost 7:30 Breakfast Club | Speaker: Michaele Cohen

March 19th
An Afternoon With Anne Arundel County Democratic Women

March 22nd

D30's March - Organizing & Strategizing Meeting & Board elections

March 23rd
Happy Hour to Revamp the Anne Arundel County Young Democrats
March 27th 
Young Annapolis Happy Hour with Gavin Buckley

Sarah Elfreth, President
District 30 Democratic Club
P.O. Box 3164
Annapolis, MD 21403
By authority: Melissa Miller, Treasurer
"Be a Do-Something Democrat!"