March 22nd: Help us strategize for 2017 & 2018!

We hope you can join us for D30's March 22nd Membership meeting to discuss the forthcoming 2016 post-election report and strategize for how we can help elect Democrats in 2017 and 2018. As it is also our Annual Meeting, four Board members will be retiring, new Officers and Board members will be up for election, and an amendment to the bylaws to expand the size of the Board will be presented. The D30 Nominating Committee, consisting of Michael G. Miller, Lyn Farrow, and Steve Harrison, present their report to the D30 Membership here.

  1. Board members Sandy Stevenson, Sarah Elfreth, Marc Rodriguez, and Alexus Viegas will retire from the Board on March 22nd
  2. The new Officers listed below are recommended to serve a one-year term for 2017-2018. Per D30 bylaws, Officers of the Board of Directors must have served on the Board for one year. You can read the biographies of each proposed Officer here.
    1. K. Jill Barr for President
    2. Brooks Schandelmeier for Vice President (reelection)
    3. Melissa Miller for Treasurer (reelection)
    4. Anne Klase for Secretary 
  3. The D30 Nominating Committee recommends to the Membership that Lee Finney, Gail Smith, Beverly Wilbourn, and Bill White be elected to serve on the Board of Directors for the 2017-2018 year at the March 22nd Membership meeting. You can read the background on each candidate in the Committee's report. 
  4. Additionally, the Nominating Committee recommends an Amendment of the District 30 Club bylaws to expand the Board size from 11 to 15, and that Will Rowell, Rachael Lemberg, Briayna Cuffie, and Lauren Bloom, be immediately adopted to the Board of Directors in an advisory capacity at the March 22ndMembership Meeting and subsequently considered for full Board membership by the Board of Directors by April 24th Membership meeting. You can read the background on each candidate in the Committee's report. 

Per Club bylaws, the election of Officers, new Board members, and Amendments of the bylaws can be voted on by full all dues-paying members of the D30 Club. 

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Over 50 Do-Something Democrats were trained to be Neighborhood Captains

All politics is local. Last Sunday in Annapolis, 50 Do-Something Dems trained to be precinct captains and help organize our way to victories in 2017 and 2018. Thank you to everyone who signed up to be a local leader and a big thank you to Anne Arundel County Democratic Party member Chuck Cook for leading this effort!

If you weren't able to make Sunday's meeting but would still like to be a Neighborhood Captain, please contact Sarah Elfreth at

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