Delegate Alice Cain

Alice Cain is thrilled to be Delegate for District 30A, which includes Annapolis and parts of Arnold and Edgewater.

Alice ran for office because she believes in equality, civility and fairness and that we can -- and must -- do better in building our future in the following ways:

Making sure every child in Maryland has the opportunity to go to a good and safe school.

Building an economy that works for us all, that lifts up the hard-working people of Annapolis with fair and equal pay and leave policies, and that helps our small businesses grow.

Providing security for people of all ages, including women and men in their 20’s who are starting their careers and seniors, all of whom deserve to experience dignity in retirement.

Making sure we keep moving forward.

As Mom of two teenagers, Alice know how how laws affect our families, our health, our jobs, and our future. She’s also learned, through her 28 years of working on public policy -- both in the government and for nonprofits -- how to get things done. Her experience includes working as:

A GED teacher for students of all ages.

A community organizer for the Children’s Defense Fund.

A policy adviser for 11 years for the House and Senate education committees on Capitol Hill for two true public servants, Senator Paul Simon and Education Committee Chairman George Miller.

Today, Alice work at a nonprofit, Teach Plus, that engages, empowers and elevates teachers working in high-need schools to use their voice in the classroom and in shaping policy in ways that improve student success.

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House Office Building, Room 154
6 Bladen St., Annapolis, MD 21401
(410) 841-3211, (301) 858-3211
1-800-492-7122, ext. 3211 (toll free)